Training Reducing Abuse, Prostitution & Solicitation (TRAPS)

TRAPS is for Buyers Only

6 Hour Workshop includes:

One Hour Lecture Session on Health Consequences – Lecture/slide show. Specific details on the various sexually transmitted infections, long term health consequences and treatment problems. Presented by nurse, nurse practitioner or medical doctor.

One Hour Lecture Session on Facts vs. Myths of Prostitution – Ten common myths about prostitution and prostitutes are debunked. A sex trafficking survivor shares her story to strengthen the information shared and compound impact. The program identifies the linkage between pornography, prostitution, and human trafficking, along with vulnerabilities that usher women into prostitution/sex trafficking. This material is to educate buyers to the impact of the choices they make when purchasing sex. Presented by survivor alongside LMHC or MSW

Two Hour Group Session on Mental Health Issues – Explore issues regarding sexual addictions, compulsions, triggers, tools for managing sexual impulses, and relapse prevention. Presented by LMHC or MSW.

Two Hour Group Session on Socialization Concerns – Explore male socialization promoting objectification, entitlement and devaluation of women and justification of violence/domination of women and minority groups with the goal of re-framing what healthy, respectful manhood looks like and the personal and social benefits. Presented by LMHC or MSW

Resources for porn and sexual additions are provided to the clients at the end of the course.

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