Reframing Solicitation/Prostitution Education, Coaching & Training (ReSPECT)

ReSPECT is for Sellers Only and is FREE of Charge

6 Hour Workshop includes:

Two, 1 hour sessions and two, 2 hour group sessions.

The module descriptors are below:

Sex Trafficking Defined – Method, Means & Purpose. Explore ways force, fraud and coercion function to trap an individual, recruitment techniques and locales. A sex trafficking survivor who got out and has stayed out will add her perspectives and experiences to the presentation. 60 minutes. Presented by Survivors along with LMHC or MSW.

Health Consequences – Slide show. Specific details on the various sexually transmitted infections, long term health consequences and treatment problems. 60 minutes. Presented by nurse, nurse practitioner or medical doctor

Vulnerability Issues – Explores how molestation, incest, rape, shame-based family of origin, low self-worth and addictions as well as the impact of trauma and complex trauma create vulnerabilities. 120 minutes. Presented by LMHC or MSW with a survivor alongside.

Self-Worth – Group session exploring self-worth, addressing helplessness and hopelessness, exploring personal value, along with the idea of “possibilities” of what life might hold beyond this legal issue. 120 minutes. Presented by LMHC or MSW.

Resources for addiction issues and for exiting the life are provided to the clients at the end of the course.

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